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Does there exist on this site, a Transports page where you will find the address of the seats of the principal airline companies and maritime serving Corsica, then why not there to have integrated the railroads? Because there is nothing as the Corsican train !

Here, the train , is not only one means of transport, it is also and especially a leisure. Its extreme slowness (it needs 3 hours to traverse the 150 kms separating Bastia from Ajaccio), far from constituting a handicap quite to the contrary makes it possible to the tourist to discover the totality of the landscapes and domestic fauna and flora.


Informations about Corsican railways.

Imagine letter Y. the right higher point represents Bastia, the left Calvi and the base of the letter appears Ajaccio. With the intersection of the 3 branches is the station of Laying-leccia marshalling yard (and yes, it should well be called thus since 2 ways meet there).
The way of Corsica has at least a common point with its Indian counterpart here, in fact the trains look at passing the cows. And not only the cows besides, any animal digressing on the ways sees gratifier regularly at a stretch horn by the machinist. Because here one is really in full nature: Beach of Calvi or wearing of Ajaccio, via the forest covered with snow in winter of Vizzavona, one can really benefit from all the landscapes. Then if you come to Corsica and whatever the season, especially, especially, you offer a small round in the train, that leaves you an immense memory.

So, don't miss the train!

To contact the principal stations:
Bastia: 04 95 32 80 61
Ajaccio: 04 95 23 11 03
Corte: 04 95 46 00 97
Calvi: 04 95 65 00 61


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