Enjoy holidays in the Corsican mountain.


Sporting holidays in the corsican mountain

Discovery of the Corsican mountain, GR 20 and other place.

GR 2O begins at Conca close to Porto Vecchio and finishes in Calenzana, near Calvi. It crosses the regional natural park of Corsica. You will have to confront of a course acknowledged as rather difficult along 200 kms about and for (which) you will had better get ready physically.

Count 15 days to fulfil this walking in reasonable conditions. In return, you will use the beauty of places, the discovery of panoramas, the possibility of bathing you in lakes of mountain ( not for a long time because water is really cold).

The region of Corte, valley of Restonica and lakes of Melu and Capitellu.

Less hard than gr20, there is the possibility of ballades in mountain, between others hereabouts Corte. To go to the lakes of Melu and Capitellu represents a course from 2 to 3 hours. It is strongly recommended the summer to leave at about 8 am to avoid walking under big hot season and envisaging good footwear. Like that, you will have time to go back down to have lunch about one pm. You will spend the afternoon then a the edge of Restonica where you will have a swim in a fraiche but tolerable water. It is about a true course of health there which a holidaymaker should once make at least during a stay in the island.

In summer, for any house, villa or apartment, hiring is made from Saturday to Saturday.

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