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Rue Saint Charles - 20000 Ajaccio - Tel.: 04 95 21 43 89 - Fax: 04 95 21 61 32

National museum of the Bonaparte House
Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15th, 1769 there. It is located in the middle of the Genoese city. Family furniture of the end of the 17th century: Weapons, portraits, document concerning Napoleon and his parents in Corsica. Installed in Corsica since the end of the 15th century, the Bonaparte family occupied the house since 1682. This residence was the stake of many competitions and symbolizes the social rise of Charles Bonaparte and Letizia Ramolino, parents of Napoleon. Duration of the visit: 1:00.

Schedules of opening
Summer: (04/01 to the 09/30): 9:00 - 12h and 14:00 - 18h Closed Monday
Winter: (10/01 to the 03/31): 10:00 - 12h and 14:00 - 16h45 Closed Monday

Tariffs: adults 4 Euros - Young people 18/25 years: 2.6 Euros - Less than 18 years: free
The Museum has several rooms located on the first floor which report more than ten centuries of the history of Aleria and Corsica, from the 6th century before J-C, until the 5th century of our era.
The exposed objects are of very great interest for the archaeological point of view, not only for the knowledge of ancient Corsica, but also of the old ages of the basin of the Mediterranean which followed one another it.
The first windows shelter objects dating from the Roman epoch and resulting from the excavations from the ancient city, in particular the elements relating to the economic activities and the daily life, but also to the religion and the funerary rites.
Infos schedules:
Town hall of Aléria RN 198 20270 ALERIA
Tel. 04 95 57 00 73 faxes. 04 95 57 07 74

Installed in the old Palate of the Governors in the citadel of Bastia, the museum exposes in the western part, popular arts and traditions (settlement of Corsica, bee-keeping, sweet chestnut, olive, agricultural techniques, vine and wine, pastoral activities, craft industry. , Corsica in its daily life, the report with the religion, the law, the policy, exchanges.

The old Genoese prisons located in the lower part of the palate are opened with the visit. At the ground floor of the wing is the rooms are devoted to Corsica in antiquity and Bastia, transitory capital of the kingdom of Corsica. Infos:
The Citadel - 20200 BASTIA
Tel.: 04 95 31 09 12 - Fax: 04 95 32 16 90

The native house of Pasquale Paoli father of the Corsican Nation contains many personal objects and historical documents about the man and his work.
Tel./Fax: 04 95 61 04 97

Finally and especially coastal tourism with a maritime frontage offering the finest sand very as much as the escarpées rocks. Corsica beaten by the winds remains the ideal place for in love ones with the water sports.


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